Life on the Inside - Album Reviews

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Studs and Punks review by Woodstock

'Well done guys I really am impressed with this return, look forward to hearing some of these songs live soon'


Louder Than War

'Any Other Way is, I guess, 4PM’s mission statement. “Punk rock until the day I die, it’s a way of life to me” sings McCartney and who can argue with that?'

'This is by far the best release 4PM has ever put out, this isn’t a jib at the older stuff it’s just that this album is the defining album for me. I would go as far to put this as one of the best albums i have heard this year'


Ringmaster Review

4 Past Midnight has set loose one of the punk triumphs of this year, the last and maybe as far back as their previous attack. Life On The Inside is a gem you cannot help missing away from its muscular incitement and a band you all should petition local venues for to get them tearing up your town.